New Versions of iHRIS Software Strengthen Management of Health Workforce Information

We recently announced new versions of iHRIS Manage and iHRIS Qualify.

The 4.0.12 versions introduce new data management tools for cleansing data, an important step for aggregating data into meaningful reports. The new tools include a safe way to delete data and the ability to share standardized data lists across multiple iHRIS installations.

New features help ensure consistent data quality. Based on user feedback, we modified the standard validation and behavior of several data fields. These fields capture information on health workers’ identification, language proficiency, and position codes. In addition, there is now an easier method for iHRIS administrators to add custom data validation, such as ensuring that dates entered into the software are logical.  

This release marks a significant step forward with the introduction of a new Debian packaging system, which eases the software installation and upgrade process, and reduces the ICT burden. Now most of the installation process is automated, and administrators are simply asked to enter the system password. Administrators are also notified when iHRIS updates are available.