New Translation Option Supports Country Use of Health Workforce Software

iHRIS software, developed by IntraHealth’s Capacity Project and supported by its global project CapacityPlus, can now be translated into numerous languages through Translatewiki, a platform that brings together translation and language communities with free and Open Source software projects.

iHRIS is a suite of tools to supply health-sector leaders with information to track, manage, and plan the health workforce. It is designed for use by ministries of health, professional health councils, and other organizations in low-resource countries. Since iHRIS is Open Source, these organizations can download and customize it for free to meet their specific needs.

As the Translatewiki platform aids translation of iHRIS into multiple languages, more organizations in more countries will be able to start implementing and using the software. When translation into a language reaches 70%-80% completion, it will be automatically included in the next release of the iHRIS software as a language option.

Previously iHRIS was available in English, Estonian, French, Italian, and Portuguese. With Translatewiki, the next version of the software will include additional language options. The graphic below shows the current translation status (green indicates translated text, while red indicates untranslated text.)

translation status