New Tool to Monitor and Evaluate the Health Workforce

WHO, in collaboration with USAID and the World Bank, recently published the Handbook on Monitoring and Evaluation of Human Resources for Health: With Special Applications for Low and Middle Income Countries. The handbook aims to strengthen countries’ technical capacity to accurately monitor their health workforces. According to WHO’s website, the new tool “offers health managers, researchers and policy makers a comprehensive and standard reference for monitoring and evaluating human resources for health.”

The HRIS team lead, Dykki Settle, along with former HRIS team members Danny de Vries, Pam McQuide and Shannon Turlington, contributed to a chapter called “Use of Administrative Data Sources for Health Workforce Analysis: Multicountry Experience in Implementation of Human Resources Information Systems.” The chapter includes an introduction on human resources information systems (HRIS), recommendations for developing an HRIS (based on the Project’s five-step HRIS strengthening process),  and several case studies.  

You can download the handbook here.