New Publication: Building the Bridge from Human Resources Data to Effective Decisions

The Capacity Project recently published a technical brief on Data-Driven Decision-Making (DDDM) entitled, "Building the Bridge from Human Resources Data to Effective Decisions: Ten Pillars of Successful Data-Driven Decision-Making." The brief was written by Ummuro Adano, Senior HR Management Systems Adviser for the Capacity Project. Ummuro provides technical assistance in the areas of HR management and leadership, and has worked closely with the HRIS team to develop the DDDM element of our five-step strengthening process. He is also the technical point person for the Project’s Kenya programs.

The technical brief emphasizes that the primary goal of an HRIS should be to promote better use of data to drive effective decision making that positively impacts HR policies and practice. Ummuro presents the following ten pillars to aid HR managers and decision makers in making effective HR policy and management decisions: 

  1. Making Use of the Data
  2. Developing a Culture of Inquiry
  3. Context Matters
  4. Aligning Different Forces, Interests, and Beliefs
  5. Preparing for Data Skeptics
  6. The Power of the Individual
  7. The Power of the Organization
  8. Navigating Difficult Conversations
  9. Process and Relationships
  10. A Journey, Not a Destination

We are very excited about the timeliness of this new publication -- a third Capacity Project DDDM workshop  will be held this month in Rwanda. The HRIS team is currently working with Ummuro and local Project staff to plan and design the workshop.

You can read the full brief here: