New Publication about HRIS Strengthening in Namibia

A new publication about HRIS strengthening in Namibia is now available.  "Connecting Regions, Leading the Way:Sharing Health Worker Information in Namibia,"  is part of the Voices from the Capacity Project series. Kautoo Mutirua, a leader in HRIS strengthening in Namibia, explains how a pilot program to expand HRIS to the regions is helping the Ministry of Health make evidence-based decisions about the country's health workforce.

This publication is very timely, as many of the countries where we are working -- such as Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda -- are expanding their HRIS to regions and districts. The article also highlights many of the best practices the Capacity Project HRIS team, including the importance of a strong stakeholder leadership group and the effectiveness of having a local HRIS advisor.

The Capacity Project began HRIS strengthening work in Namibia in early 2007 and the work transitioned to an IntraHealth-led Associate Award in December 2008.

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