New HR Management System Successfully Deployed

How many doctors are working in Rwanda’s rural areas, and where are they working? In February, the Capacity Project’s human resources information systems (HRIS) team made finding an answer to this question much easier for the Ministry of Health by finalizing a pilot version of iHRIS Manage, the Project’s newly developed software that tracks detailed information about health workers. After reviewing the data for accuracy, Project staff consolidated five data sets into a functional system containing over 6,000 records. The system will be used immediately to generate a set of reports on human resources for health that are needed for an upcoming functional review. The Project presented the new system to Rwanda’s permanent secretary and the HR working group, and made plans for further data collection and the linking of iHRIS Manage to district-level information. To ensure sustainability, the HRIS team provided training on administrative database tasks and took steps to transfer management of this project to local experts.