Namibia HR Management System Reports Now Available

The Namibia Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) has made great strides in adopting the Human Resources Information Management System (HRIMS). As of August 2008 there are a number of reports already available for easy access, including:
o Staff member personal and appointment details;
o Alphabetic list of appointed personnel;
o Personnel within a specific age group;
o Personnel to receive bonuses;
o Occupational groups, job categories and post level ranks;
o Summary of post status;
o Job type and salary level/notch representation;
o region/duty station post and appointment totals;
o Job type representation in O/M/A;
o Male/female totals and ratios;
o Age groupings and length in service matrix;
o Workforce profile (contains job types);
o Workforce profile (contains job categories)

Previously, in the paper-based human resources management process, reports of this nature required days, weeks, or months to compile. Now this data are available immediately at any time via any computer with connection to the HRIMS.

For now these reports include only core personal and appointment information captured to date. The capture percentage is higher than 85% of public service health workers and work continues to complete the core details. These reports greatly assist in checking the accuracy and completeness of entered data as the team works to cleanse the system data.