Kenya Conducts Workshop on Using HRH Data to Make Decisions

Over the last two years, the Capacity Project has planned and facilitated workshops in several countries to build the capacity and skills of human resources for health (HRH) planners and managers in data analysis and use.

From February 4-6 in Kenya, 36 participants took part in “Data-Driven Decision-Making: Using HRH Data to Make Effective Collaborative Decisions.” Representing the public sector, faith-based organizations, training institutions and professional health councils, participants used their own recent data to enhance decision-making skills around policy and management as well as HR supply and demand questions.

Outcomes included a list of next steps to determine how best to share, integrate and use data becoming available from various sources. Also, participants agreed to develop a reporting template (similar to the one used in Uganda) and produce a biannual HR report. Kenya’s HR Information Systems Technical Working Group will lead the process of coordinating the country’s HRH data sources to provide information for the report.