iHRIS Technical Documentation Wiki

We maintain a wiki of technical documentation for everyone who is installing, using, and modifying the iHRIS software. We have recently completed a reorganization of the wiki.

The goal of the reorganization was to make technical documentation, such as tutorials, easier to find and more accessible to all of you who are working with iHRIS. We have added a FAQ and have categorized all of the documentation by intended user and by country.

Improving our technical documentation is an ongoing process. In the upcoming months, we hope to update several incomplete or out-of-date documents and translate key documentation into French and Spanish. Your feedback is always welcome and extremely helpful to us. The best way to submit feedback is through our Global iHRIS Community Google Group.

There is now a documentation wishlist on the wiki to track documentation that needs to be written or updated. We welcome your suggestions. We also invite you to contribute documentation that you may have developed. Anyone using iHRIS may request a wiki account to make contributions directly, or send your contributions to the Google Group.