iHRIS Is Part of the Global Investment in Health Workers

This week, a post by global development communications expert David J. Olson in the Huffington Post, "Years of Investments Finally Put Health Workers on the Global Stage," mentioned iHRIS as an example of how development aid is supporting health workers, the backbone of any health system. Here is the quote:

And in Ghana, I saw IntraHealth's CapacityPlus project helping the Ministry of Health to introduce a health workforce information system called iHRIS, a simple, easy-to-use, open-source software that supplies health leaders with information to track, manage, and plan the health workforce. The project is moving that system from paper to computer, enabling the ministry to better manage its 98,000 employees.

This kind of work -- building up frontline health workers and the systems that support them -- is a prerequisite for producing sustainable improvements in health.

We're proud that the open source iHRIS suite of applications for managing health workforce information has been recognized as one of many successful to strategies to support health workers, a vital component of improving global health.