iHRIS Manage Launch Event

We had a great time last week (April 16-19, 2007) at the Capacity Project Technical Development Workshop and one-day Mini-University demonstrating iHRIS Manage and officially launching our HRIS Strengthening website and the online iHRIS Manage demo. The purpose of the Workshop was to share our lessons learned and remaining technical challenges in all of the Capacity Project's HRH activities. During the Workshop and Mini-University, which were held at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC, we demonstrated the iHRIS Manage software to other Capacity Project staff, representatives from our donor USAID and partners who attended the event.

Luke Duncan, developer, working on iHRIS Manage up to the last minute.

Software development is never finished; here the HRIS Senior Systems Developer, Luke Duncan, works up to the last minute on getting iHRIS Manage ready for its public debut.

The demonstration of iHRIS Manage sparked a lot of exciting conversation about potential new features and even additions to the software suite. Some of the great suggestions included a GIS component to display data on maps; a new component to help training institutions such as nursing schools manage their student data; and even a companion suite of facility information systems called iFIS. We captured all the suggestions and will include them in our upgrade planning. Of course, we welcome suggestions from all users of the software and anyone who tries the demo. Just click Contact Us on the left menu to submit your feedback.

HRIS Strengthening Team at the Capacity Technical Development Workshop

Several members of the HRIS team pose in front of our jiffy screen at the Capacity Project Technical Development Workshop. From left to right are: Pam McQuide, HRIS Technical Advisor; Paul Ruwoldt, HRIS Technical Advisor; Angela Self, HRIS Advisor; Vanessa Spann, Senior Systems Deployment Manager; Shannon Turlington (me), Senior Systems Development Manager; Dykki Settle, HRIS Senior Analyst/Project Lead; and Ummuro Adano, Data for Decision-Making Advisor. Not pictured are: Samwel Wakibi, Regional HRIS Advisor for East and Central Africa; Carol Bales, HRIS Assistant; and Danny DeVries, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist.