HRIS Strengthening Activities in Lesotho

In April 2007 a Capacity Project developer visited the MoHSW in Lesotho to develop and implement a step solution HRIS.  This consultant successfully migrated their current Excel-based HRIS to a fully functioning Access database. 

  • The Access database captures all information currently collected and provides reporting capabilities exceeding those previously available in the Excel-based system. 
  • Thanks to data entry process improvements introduced with the new database all new data captured in the Access HRIS will be current and correct.  The Capacity Project will work with local stakeholders to institute data cleaning procedures for legacy data, ensuring data integrity for the entire database.
  • The Capacity Project developer also spent time training the MoHSW HR employees in Access development.  This team will now be able to develop additional reports to meet the changing needs of the Ministry and ensure the system remains effective long after the Capacity Project's work is complete.