HRIS Africa Health Workforce Observatory Conference

The Capacity Project co-hosted a conference for leaders in HRH information systems from September 26-29th in Arusha, Tanzania, to continue development of "The Africa Health Workforce Observatory." The participants represented 15 African countries and included human resources directors, researchers/academicians, heads of HMIS/HRIS and professional regulatory bodies. Other key partners who participated include the WHO, World Bank, the ECSA Health Community, AU/NEPAD, EC, the Gates Foundation, and local NGOs. The Africa Health Workforce Observatory is envisioned as a cooperative network of African countries and partner agencies from the region that collaborate to produce information and knowledge necessary for improving human resources planning, policy and management decisions. The Observatory effort aims to create networks and leadership across the region to support the collection and sharing of HRH knowledge. The Arusha conference focused on planning for the national observatories and sharing country experiences and lessons learned with HRIS tools and essential HRH policy questions. Significant progress was made in building consensus and developing a sustainable center in the region for HRIS strengthening.