First eLearning Course for iHRIS Users Now Available

iHRIS User - Level 1 eLearning Course is now available via the eLearning program hosted by CapacityPlus’s HRH Global Resource Center. The course is free and requires only that you register with the Global Resource Center.

The iHRIS User - Level 1 eLearning Course provides instructions on how to set up and manage human resources data in the iHRIS Manage database. Information on managing employee and job applicant data, as well as training data, is included. Each module is designed to be used separately, as an online help guide, to teach HR staff and hiring managers how to use the software. Specific modules of this course can be targeted to different staff depending on what they want to do with iHRIS. The modules use audio as well as visual teaching aids to reduce any potential barriers to learning to use iHRIS. Currently, the course is available only in an English-language version.

The User eLearning course was developed as preparation for the deployment of iHRIS Manage in Botswana at the district and facility level.  As new HR staff and other users of iHRIS come into a facility, the eLearning course provides an easy way to offer training without having to sending a trainer out to the facility.  It is also been designed to be a reference guide so that users have an easy way to remind themselves on how to perform a certain process.

The course is largely based on the standard iHRIS Manage user's manual. It was developed using the open source learning platform Moodle so that it can be easily exported and modified for use in different countries. For example, a module teaching specific customizations for that country can easily be created and added to the full course.

Visit the GRC eLearning page to sign up for the iHRIS Users course!