Development plans for iHRIS Manage and Qualify

We are currently planning our development for the next project year (July 2008-June 2009), and we have updated our development roadmaps as a result. This year we are focusing on improving the features available in our human resource information systems, based on requests from the countries that are using the systems.

  • This week we hope to release Version 3.1, which will include a custom report builder. This will enable users to construct their own reports for analyzing the HR data in the systems, rather than relying on the pre-configured reports.
  • In August we are planning to release Version 3.1.1, which will include a new module for managing in-service trainings completed by health workers. This module will be pilot-tested in Zanzibar.
  • In January we are planning to release Version 3.2, which should include several new and useful features. Stay tuned for more details on plans for this release.

We are also planning to complete a thorough code review that will result in a more stable release by June 2009. This release will be easier to install and customize; it will include a system administrator's manual and complete technical documentation. We are also planning to improve support for translating the system into other languages and for exchanging data with other systems.

We are excited about our development plans for this year. We always welcome user suggestions. Feel free to contact us or join the ihris-developers mailing list to keep track of ongoing development.