Code Bounty: Botswana HRH data/indicators

Code Bounty: Botswana HRH data/indicators


CapacityPlus, the USAID global flagship project for Human Resources
for Health, has been globally supporting human resources information system
(HRIS) strengthening. One important goal of our work in Botswana is to increase
the use of data for decision and policy-making by aligning reports from the
Botswana iHRIS Manage with HRH Indicators and other defined uses of HRH data.

Scope of Work

  • Work Closely with CapacityPlus/iHRIS team throughout
  • Travel to Gaborone, Botswana to work with key stakeholders
    at the Ministry of Health to inform final written report (see below)
  • Travel will be concurrent with Botswana Program Manager
  • Provide a final written report which:
    • Identifies key
      consumers of HRH data from Botswana HRIS
    • Identifies key HRH
      management and planning processes (such as recruitment, promotion,
      retirement, etc) that could be better informed by HRIS data, and a
      calendar for each process that identifies key decision points, the
      recipient and delivery mechanism (phone, print, email, etc.) and the
      reports needed
    • Defines any existing
      HRH Indicators that have been developed for Botswana
    • Provides
      recommendations for high-value HRH Indicators that can be extracted from
      existing HR data sources
    • Details gaps in the
      existing iHRIS Manage reports to on HRH indicators and other uses of HRH
    • Details changes needed
      to iHRIS Manage reports to standardize terminology according to Corporate
      Services requirements

  • Write at least one blog article about the development
    process and which contains the organization's contact information


Methodology and Available Resource Materials

The chosen candidate will have access to CapacityPlus and HRIS team
members as well as all needed software and documentation.


Five-Ten days in Botswana for working with stakeholders

Period of Performance

The assignment will take place between April and May 201


  • Professional experience working with HRH data, in
    particular HRH indicators
  • Experience with the iHRIS software
  • Ability to travel to Botswana
  • Fluencey in English


Submitting Applications

Interested applicants should send a proposal on company letterhead that includes estimated project timeframe, cost, and all deliverables as outlined in the SOW to Brooke Buchanan at