Richard Stanley

Feature requests!
The latest roadmap for iHRIS is here: The developer community is asking for any and all feedback on features that you want to see in iHRIS Manage, Train, and Qualify. Are there features you want to see in the iHRIS suite? Are the new features you need for your use cases prioritized? Is there an old feature you want changed or upgraded? Please reply in the Google Group!
JIRA for iHRIS Bug and Feature Tracking
We have some special news. There is now an open JIRA issue tracker for the iHRIS suite of workforce management tools at Anyone can sign up for an account to watch or create an issue, such as to log a bug or request a feature. IntraHealth has been using JIRA since late last year at IntraHealth and have had a great experience with it. For important announcements, please makes sure to sign-up for the Google Group...
How to Have Happier Users and Better Health Data with Faster Apps
I’ve done my share of training district health officers and others in low-resource settings. I know that the vast majority of health workers who report data in district offices or health facilities in the low- and middle-income countries where IntraHealth International works are on congested 2G mobile networks in small towns. Which means they’re waiting—waiting for web applications to load over poor Internet connections. Complete and accurate...