Announcing the HRIS Strengthening Implementation Toolkit

The Capacity Project HRIS Strengthening Team is pleased to announce the publication of the HRIS Strengthening Implementation Toolkit. The goal of the Toolkit is to provide a package of HRIS strengthening procedures and tools to HRH stakeholders, HR managers and software developers to facilitate applying the HRIS strengthening processes and implementing the iHRIS software developed by the Capacity Project.

The Toolkit is organized into five sections, corresponding to the key steps in the HRIS Strengthening process. Each section contains several briefs, tools, case studies and other resources designed to walk the implementer through the process of building HRIS leadership, assessing existing systems, implementing HRIS software, using data produced by the system to make evidence-based decisions, and sustaining and continuously improving the system in the future.

The Toolkit is available as a notebook with removeable sheets that can be easily shared and copied, and in an electronic version accessible via our website. In addition to all of the tools and briefs, the electronic version includes the Windows version of our iHRIS software suite and accompanying documentation necessary to install and customize the software.

The HRIS Strengthening Implementation Toolkit compiles the best practices and learnings of five years' work strengthening HRIS in ten countries in Africa. For more information or to obtain a copy, please contact us.

Go to the HRIS Strengthening Implementation Toolkit.