HRIS Assessment Questionnaire

The HRIS Assessment Questionnaire collects preliminary baseline information on the systems and processes currently used to track and manage the health workforce. Responsibility for developing and managing the health workforce within a country may be spread across a number of different ministries and institutions. Look to the Stakeholder Leadership Group (SLG) to coordinate the dissemination and completion of the HRIS Assessment Questionnaire.

We recommend assigning responsibility for completing the questionnaire to a small team or subcommittee of the SLG, which can then interview the appropriate people for each section of the questionnaire. SLG members should be able to direct the assessment team to members of their organizations or departments who can respond. If no SLG yet exists, consult the most senior official available in the Ministry of Health to advise who should complete the questionnaire.

Information from the HRIS Assessment Questionnaire will provide an initial snapshot of existing HR systems and processes. Use this assessment to begin analyzing current strengths, weaknesses and, most importantly, opportunities for HRIS strengthening activities. The questionnaire is organized into the following areas:

  1. Organization information
  2. Infrastructure
  3. HRIS software
  4. Data collection
  5. Data reporting and use
  6. Sustainability
  7. Additional information.

A comments field for further elaboration is included at the end of each section. Fill out the questionnaire in its entirety and include the name(s), department(s) and contact information of all persons who contributed to this assessment, as well as the sections of the questionnaire to which they responded. Present the results to the Ministry of Health and all members of the SLG upon completion.

There may be more than one HRIS or organization managing human resources for health (HRH) information that needs to be assessed. For example, the following types of information systems may be present:

  • HR management system for public sector health workers, private sector health workers or both
  • Information system to track scholarships, pre-service trainings and/or in-service trainings
  • System to manage licenses, registrations and/or certifications of health professionals
  • Workforce planning or projection.

For each system assessed, make a copy of the questionnaire and complete the full questionnaire separately.

It is often useful to forward this questionnaire to the Ministry of Health in advance of the assessment. The questionnaire results can then be used to prepare for and plan a formal assessment. During this visit, face-to-face interviews and meetings can be conducted with identified key ministry personnel and other stakeholders to form a more complete picture of current HR systems, processes and operations used to train, develop and manage the health care workforce. The results of the assessment can then be used to develop an HRIS strengthening strategy, budget and action plan.

HRIS Assessment Questionnaire - Printable Format

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HRIS Assessment Questionnaire - Electronic Format

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