scaling up

Example: Human Resources Quarterly Management Review

Objective Assess routine reporting needs. Document standard operating procedures for reporting. The Human Resources Quarterly Management Review provides an example of how routine reports produced by iHRIS may be presented to decision makers, based on quarterly reports made to Lutheran Medical Services in Namibia. Use this example as a model for designing your own routine […]

Case Study: Human Resources Management Training

Objective Implement a training program in data use for senior executives and other data users. Training senior executives in the effective use and governance of information is essential to ensure that iHRIS improves workforce planning. Collaborate with the SLG to select trainees guided by their job descriptions or anticipated tasks. Key trainees include directors, assistant […]

Training of Trainers’ Guide

Objective Prepare a training plan for each area where iHRIS is implemented. Include a plan for training of trainers who can orient new employees or users to iHRIS. In implementing iHRIS, you are introducing new ways of working. Users, data managers, and system administrators will require support and mentoring at each office where iHRIS is […]

OpenHIE Provider Registry: Interconnecting Human Resource Information Systems

Objective Determine whether any HIS in the rollout regions can benefit from sharing data with iHRIS. If so, establish a method and agreements for sharing data. Health Information Exchanges: Concepts It is likely that the health worker data managed in iHRIS is just a segment of the available data on health workers in the country. […]

Worksheet: eHealth Readiness Assessment Checklist

Objective Assess available ICT infrastructure and support in the districts and/or facilities where iHRIS will be deployed. Before rolling out iHRIS to any new area, ensure that there is adequate support and infrastructure for the system. Visit the rollout areas to conduct pre-assessments, using the worksheet as a guide. The worksheet includes a template for […]

Example: Rollout Plan

Objective Prepare a phased rollout plan for scaling up iHRIS. The rollout plan is similar to the implementation plan you prepared earlier in the process. It should lay out the schedule for implementing the rollout, projected costs, and expected funding. It should include the results of the pre-visit assessment, with recommendations for infrastructure, training, and […]

Example: HRIS Progress Report

Objective Institute routine reporting of scale-up progress to the SLG. During the scale-up process, routine reporting of progress to the SLG is critical. The SLG needs to be kept apprised of activities undertaken, their results, and next steps in order to ensure that the objectives of the iHRIS implementation are being met. Progress reports should […]


The decision to scale up iHRIS to its planned reach—to all districts in the country, for example—should not be taken for granted. It depends on the successful conclusion of the pilot demonstration. A successful pilot often creates momentum and enthusiasm for adopting iHRIS more widely, including adding additional components of the iHRIS Suite. Scaling up […]