project management

Presentation: Benefits of iHRIS

Objective Present the problems to be solved and the benefits of using iHRIS to stakeholders. Use the presentation to make the case for iHRIS to stakeholders. Include examples that are relevant to your context, such as ways that similar countries or organizations are using iHRIS to address HRH challenges. The goal is to get consensus from […]

Example and Template: Implementation Workplan

Objective Write the project implementation plan. We have included a comprehensive implementation plan from Uganda as an example for writing your own implementation workplan. Use the workplan template spreadsheet for planning implementation activities. This will be the basis for the comprehensive implementation plan. While this template is for an iHRIS Manage implementation, it can be […]

Example: GANTT Chart

Objective Establish tools for managing the project and working with the implementation team. A GANTT chartcan help visualize the project workplan by showing the tasks planned for completion during specific time periods. The chart also shows the dependency of tasks; for example, one task must be completed before a dependent task can begin. The actual […]

Template: Terms of Reference for iHRIS Project Team

Objective Develop roles and responsibilities for the members of the implementation team. The example terms of reference outline roles and responsibilities for the project team assembled to implement iHRIS in Lesotho. Adapt this template to specify the roles and functions required for your implementation team. The implementation team will probably include the following roles, although […]

Worksheet: Issue Management List

Objective Monitor whether customizations are conforming to system requirements and log changes to requirements. The software developers typically work in short iterations to customize iHRIS to meet specifications, organizing informal tests as they do so. It’s a good idea to organize a user test during this time period, in which several of the eventual users […]

Example: Project Risks Status Update

Objective Document issues that come up during the pilot and consult the SLG on major changes that need to be made. This example status report from Namibia shows how to report issues that arise to the stakeholders and make recommendations for actions to take in response. Use this report as a model for documenting issues […]

Example: Rollout Plan

Objective Prepare a phased rollout plan for scaling up iHRIS. The rollout plan is similar to the implementation plan you prepared earlier in the process. It should lay out the schedule for implementing the rollout, projected costs, and expected funding. It should include the results of the pre-visit assessment, with recommendations for infrastructure, training, and […]