Template: User Requirements Specifications

Objective Document the system requirements using a standard methodology. The user requirements documentation provides a template for how to document system requirements in a consistent way for agreement upon by the SLG and the software developers. Systems Requirements: Concepts System requirements document all needs that iHRIS should address when the system is deployed. The requirements […]

Example: HRIS Data Quality Guidelines

Objective Institute procedures to reduce data entry errors. Use the example guidelines from Uganda as a model for preparing a data quality plan, with the goal of minimizing errors during data entry. Data Quality: Concepts When entering data from paper forms, maintaining the quality, or accuracy, of the data is the most important consideration. Introduce […]

Tipsheet: Iterative Software Development

Objective Develop any new software features using an iterative approach. Iterative development is a software development process that supports development of a system incrementally. The process builds in regular and frequent cycles for feedback from end users to a working, although incomplete, system. This enables the development team to deepen their learning and understanding of the […]