Presentation: Building Stakeholder Leadership

Objective Identify the primary champions, or stakeholders, of iHRIS. This presentation serves as a general guide to help leaders understand the considerations that go into planning the iHRIS implementation. Use this presentation for presenting leadership concepts and important questions for early adopters and other key stakeholders to consider. Many of these questions should be answered […]

Template: SLG Principles of Operation and Terms of Reference

Objective Agree on Principles of Operation and Terms of Reference for the SLG. We recommend the CapacityPlus Guidelines for Forming and Sustaining Human Resources for Health Stakeholder Leadership Groups as a  guide to forming and managing the SLG. In the first SLG meeting, use the template to agree on Principles of Operation and Terms of Reference […]

Example: Standard Operating Procedures for the Ministry of Health

Objective Document standard operating procedures that have been decided on by the SLG. The example Standard Operating Procedures document HR workflow at the Uganda Ministry of Health, HRIS management at the Ministry, and technical functions of HRIS at Ministry. Adapt this model to meet your own needs. Standard Operating Procedures: Concepts Members of the SLG […]

Presentation: Pilot Activities and Results

Objective Meet with the SLG to share the pilot plan and decide how results will be communicated. This presentation is a template for presenting a pilot plan, which you can adapt to meet your needs. Pilot Plan: Concepts Before initiating the pilot, share the pilot plan with the SLG. The plan should include the following […]

Example: HRIS Progress Report

Objective Institute routine reporting of scale-up progress to the SLG. During the scale-up process, routine reporting of progress to the SLG is critical. The SLG needs to be kept apprised of activities undertaken, their results, and next steps in order to ensure that the objectives of the iHRIS implementation are being met. Progress reports should […]

Worksheet: Business Processes Documentation

Objective Plan for regular customizations of iHRIS to support emerging business processes. When business processes change or new processes are developed, document them using the worksheet. Use this documentation as a basis for making modifications to iHRIS to support the new processes. Business Processes: Concepts There may not someone on the team who has the […]