data collection

Job Aid: Fill Data Collection Form

Objective Train data collectors to use revised data collection forms. The job aid is an example of a data collection form from India with instructions for completing the form. This form probably will not match the data collection forms you will be using, but should be used as a model for developing your own job […]

Template: Sample Data Collection Forms

Objective Revise data collection forms to provide the minimum necessary dataset to answer policy and management questions. We have provided sample health worker data collection forms in a paper version, for collecting data by hand, and a spreadsheet version, for collecting data on the computer. We have also provide a data collection form designed for […]

Example: Employee Record Update Protocol

Objective Develop a routine schedule and procedure for collecting and updating human resources data. Establish a procedure and schedule for updating data in iHRIS. We have included a routine data update protocol developed in India as an example. Data Maintenance: Concepts To provide an accurate picture of the available health workforce, iHRIS should be updated […]