Worksheet: Helpdesk Log


Plan for how to provide technical support for iHRIS over the long term. Establish a helpdesk and user documentation such as Frequently Asked Questions.

Ongoing ICT support must be available to sustain the system. If you haven’t already, now is a good time to institute helpdesk procedures. The helpdesk is on call to answer any questions about iHRIS, fix problems as they arise, and consider requests for new features and customizations. You may want to use an open source program such as Free Helpdesk for managing helpdesk requests.

All helpdesk calls should be logged as part of ongoing system documentation. Use the worksheet provided to log helpdesk calls and track their status.

You should develop documentation to help support iHRIS. An easy form of documentation to create is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list, based on questions that technical support receives often. The FAQ should be posted in a public place and updated often. For an example, see the general iHRIS FAQ.

Tool filename (offline version): Tool5-Fa.xlsx; download tool (Internet connection required)