Report: Internship Program


Plan for continuing ICT skills development.

Skills development is necessary for maintaining computerized information systems like iHRIS. Consider strategies like internship and mentoring programs for ensuring ongoing skills development of ICT staff supporting iHRIS. Consider attending or hosting an iHRIS Academy, which brings together software developers and system administrators for training.

For example, the Uganda Capacity Program partnered with a local university’s computer science department to set up an internship program. Students learned data entry, database management, system administration, and PHP programming while interning in an office using iHRIS. After completing the internship, these students could be listed as ICT resources to provide technical support on an as-needed basis. See the Internship Program Report for more information about this program.

Another sustainability strategy could include developing local or regional user groups to facilitate problem solving and share system improvements, possibly in collaboration with educational institutions. iHRIS’s Community Manager can help put you in touch with other iHRIS developers in your area.

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