Example: Employee Record Update Protocol


Develop a routine schedule and procedure for collecting and updating human resources data.

Establish a procedure and schedule for updating data in iHRIS. We have included a routine data update protocol developed in India as an example.

Data Maintenance: Concepts

To provide an accurate picture of the available health workforce, iHRIS should be updated routinely to document changes in health worker records as they occur. Regularly reviewed, up-to-date data improves accuracy over time and enhances policy makers’ ability to make informed decisions in order to meet future health care needs. For example, HR managers can quickly note workforce changes, such as an increase in the number of out-migration requests or a drop in student enrollment, and can respond to these changes more effectively.

Ensure that data collection procedures occur on a regular schedule, depending on the data being collected. To establish a schedule, look for and build upon any existing sources of routine data, such as payroll updates, license renewals, or training completions.

To validate data, have employees review their own records, if possible. Additionally, health professionals can validate their information when they renew their registrations or licenses. Another way to validate data is to provide regular reports to representatives at the district or facility level, which can then be reviewed and updated.

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