Documentation: iHRIS Train System Requirements


Determine whether new customizations or extensions of iHRIS are required to meet users’ needs. Document the requirements and develop them iteratively.

We have provided the system requirements developed in Uganda for iHRIS Train to use as a model when documenting requirements for new extensions to iHRIS.

Developing New iHRIS Applications: Concepts

Emerging needs may require more extensive customizations of iHRIS. It may even be necessary to create a new iHRIS application to meet those needs. (However, always review existing iHRIS applications first, even if you are not presently using them, to see if existing code might be modified to meet the new need.) This will prompt a new cycle of capturing and documenting requirements, programming the customizations, testing the software with a pilot installation, and training users, managers, and ICT personnel to use it. Again, we recommend an iterative development approach to making these customizations.

As an example, in Uganda the Ministry of Health required iHRIS to capture data on in-service trainings. During the requirements-gathering process, it emerged that preservice training data also needed to be captured. Developers in Uganda adapted the core iHRIS code to meet these requirements. This resulted in a new application, iHRIS Train, which has now been added to the iHRIS application suite. As with any iHRIS implementation, deploying iHRIS Train required collecting and entering data, local testing, improving the new application based on feedback, developing user manuals, and training the core user groups on the software. Now iHRIS Train is another tool in the toolbox that teams in other countries have been adapting to meet their needs for capturing health worker training data.

Tool filename (offline version): Tool5-Cb.docx; download tool (Internet connection required)