Worksheet: eHealth Readiness Assessment Checklist


Assess available ICT infrastructure and support in the districts and/or facilities where iHRIS will be deployed.

Before rolling out iHRIS to any new area, ensure that there is adequate support and infrastructure for the system. Visit the rollout areas to conduct pre-assessments, using the worksheet as a guide. The worksheet includes a template for reporting on the findings of the pre-assessments.

Rollout Pre-Assessments: Concepts

In Uganda, “pre-visits” to the districts conducted before rolling out iHRIS provided the best insights. During the pre-visits, they engaged the stakeholders at the district level and conducted assessments to determine how they had been collecting HRH data and their readiness for computerizing the systems. They also carried out a situational analysis to determine where computers needed to be installed and related network requirements. High-level support significantly contributed to the success of these pre-visits.

The following is a list of questions to answer when conducting the pre-assessments:

  • Are there power issues at the client sites?
  • How does data roll up to the central level? Is there network connectivity or will “sneaker net” need to be used? If there is connectivity, what is the bandwidth and reliability?
  • How many users are expected? Can the system handle a large number of users accessing it at the same time?
  • How many records are expected?
  • Will there be many scanned documents and photos?
  • Will there be enough processor speed and memory to generate reports, or is a separate reporting system needed?
  • How will you provide technical support?
  • Is an appropriate backup solution in place?
  • Do you need to translate the software to a local language? Who will be responsible for translation?
  • How will you train users at each site?  How do you train new employees?
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