Example: Human Resources Quarterly Management Review


Assess routine reporting needs. Document standard operating procedures for reporting.

The Human Resources Quarterly Management Review provides an example of how routine reports produced by iHRIS may be presented to decision makers, based on quarterly reports made to Lutheran Medical Services in Namibia. Use this example as a model for designing your own routine reporting presentation.

Increased data demand is favorable for positive data use. Standard operating procedures should be established to institutionalize data use and routine reporting of HRIS data. It may also be helpful to produce a logic model highlighting all of the inputs, processes, outputs, and anticipated outcomes of data use. A logic model for strengthening the use of data in decision making is included in the tool Improving Data Use in Decision Making; this tool also provides a conceptual framework illustrating the role of data-use activities in health systems strengthening.

Tool filename (offline version): Tool4-G.pptx; download tool (Internet connection required)