Quick Find Resource Guide

This page is a quick way to find the templates and tools included throughout the toolkit. There is additional information in each section as well as links to outside resources.


0. Assess

1. Plan

2. Deploy

3. Pilot

4. Scale-Up

5. Sustain


Presentation: Building Stakeholder Leadership

Template: SLG Principles of Operation and Terms of Reference

Template: Standard Operating Procedures for the Ministry of Health

Example: Standard Operating Procedures for HRIS

Presentation: Pilot Activities and Results

Example: HRIS Progress Report

Worksheet: Business Processes Documentation

Project Management

Presentation: Benefits of iHRIS

Template: Terms of Reference for iHRIS Project Team

Example: GANTT Chart

Template: iHRIS Customization Plan

Worksheet: Issue Management List

Example: Project Risks Status Update

Example: Rollout Plan


Software and Systems

Worksheet: iHRIS Questionnaire

Template: User Requirements Specifications

Documentation: Use Case Development Tool and iHRIS Use Cases

Use Case Model: iHRIS Common

Use Case Model: iHRIS Manage

Use Case Model: iHRIS Qualify


Documentation: iHRIS Operations Guide

Tipsheet: Iterative Software Development

Worksheet: eHealth Readiness Assessment Checklist

Template: HRIS Follow-Up Report

Documentation: iHRIS Train System Requirements

Data Sharing & Interoperability

Worksheet: HIS Assessment Survey

Tipsheet: Standardized Data Lists


Presentation: Creating a Data-Sharing Agreement

Présentation: Élaborer une Convention de Partage de Données

Template: Data Sharing Agreement

OpenHIE Provider Registry: Interconnecting Human Rsource Information Systems


Data Quality & Standards

Tipsheet: Sources of HRH Data

Worksheet: Standardized Datasets

Template: Sample Data Collection Forms: Paper

Template: Sample Data Collection Forms: Computerized

Template: Sample Data Collection Forms: iHRIS Train

Worksheet: Customization of Fields Example: HRIS Data Quality Guidelines


Example: Employee Record Update Protocol

Worksheet: Data Quality Assessment Form

Training & Support

Worksheet: Training Resources Assessment

Job Aid: Fill Data Collection Form

Presentation: iHRIS System Administration Training

iHRIS Training Program

iHRIS Manage User’s Training

iHRIS Manage User’s Manual

iHRIS Qualify User’s Manual

iHRIS Train User’s Manual

Trainers Guide for iHRIS Manage

Case Study: Human Resources Management Training

Worksheet: Helpdesk Log

Report: Internship Program

Data Use & Reporting

Presentation: Using HRH Information to Answer Key Policy and Management Questions

Sample Policy and Management Questions

Template: Reporting Requirements


Example: Pilot Report

Example: Human Resources Quarterly Management Review

Checklist: Monitoring the Use of Data


Example: HRIS Assessment Report

Template: HRIS Assessment Report

Example: iHRIS Strengthening Plan

Template: Implementation Workplan


Checklist: Pilot Assessment

Example: Pilot Findings Report