Template: Terms of Reference for iHRIS Project Team


Develop roles and responsibilities for the members of the implementation team.

The example terms of reference outline roles and responsibilities for the project team assembled to implement iHRIS in Lesotho. Adapt this template to specify the roles and functions required for your implementation team.

The implementation team will probably include the following roles, although the titles may vary or responsibilities may be split among multiple team members:

  • HRIS project manager (team leader): manages the implementation project and coordinates work with stakeholders.
  • IT team leader (ICT advisor, software developer): oversees installation of the system and makes customizations.
  • HRH data analyst (HRIS advisor): ensures data standards and quality, advises on use of data, and oversees reporting.
  • Planning and utilization team leader (training manager): oversees training of users, ICT personnel, data managers, and executives in using iHRIS.
  • Support staff: support project activities, collect data, and/or enter data into iHRIS.
  • ICT support: support the IT team leader in system administration and technical issues.
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