Template: Reporting Requirements


Document requirements for reports produced by iHRIS.

Use this template for capturing reporting requirements as a guide as you work with stakeholders to design the reports they expect from iHRIS. These reports should be linked to the policy and management questions previously defined.

Reporting Requirements: Concepts

The reporting requirements should specify the frequency at which reports need to be generated and who will receive the reports, as well as the required data elements and their sources. You may also want to decide on a protocol with stakeholders for generating and disseminating reports. This will encourage data use and demand.  Look to HRH Workforce Observatories, HRH country profiles, and annual bulletins, which you may have collected during the Assess phase, for examples of reports being produced that you can use as models for reports generated by iHRIS.

Some reports will require data from outside iHRIS, such as the total numerical size of the population at national or district level or other relevant denominators.  Be cautious when considering information from outside sources.  It is important the sources are reputable and the data are valid and accurate.  When using iHRIS data and information from outside sources together, you should be careful when comparing data.  Denominators, for example, may not be the same and inferences should be made with caution.

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