Job Aid: Fill Data Collection Form


Train data collectors to use revised data collection forms.

The job aid is an example of a data collection form from India with instructions for completing the form. This form probably will not match the data collection forms you will be using, but should be used as a model for developing your own job aids or training tools.

Training Data Collectors: Concepts

Data collectors are responsible for collecting the health worker information to be entered into iHRIS during the Deploy phase. Data collectors should be prepared to engage with the owners of data at facilities, councils, and other sites. They will require training in data collection instruments, whether paper or computerized.

After completing data collection training, data collectors should know the following:

  • what iHRIS is and why they are collecting health workforce data
  • how to read and use data collection and associated forms
  • if data are collected using a laptop, mobile phone, or other equipment, how to operate and troubleshoot the technology
  • how to meet data quality requirements and schedules for the data collection exercise.

Include any consent or waiver forms (if applicable) in data collector training. It is also important to consider data governance. For example, if paper forms are being collected for entry into iHRIS, establish a protocol on what happens to the forms once the data have been entered. Finally, collect feedback on the training so that future trainings can be improved.

Data collection can begin at any point after the data collectors are trained. Data will be entered into the pilot implementation of iHRIS.

Tool filename (offline version): Tool1-F.doc; download tool (Internet connection required)