Presentation: Pilot Activities and Results


Meet with the SLG to share the pilot plan and decide how results will be communicated.

This presentation is a template for presenting a pilot plan, which you can adapt to meet your needs.

Pilot Plan: Concepts

Before initiating the pilot, share the pilot plan with the SLG. The plan should include the following information:

  • when the pilot will take place and the timeline
  • the specific steps in the process
  • who is responsible for the process activities
  • cost of the pilot activities
  • how results will be shared and evaluated.

Generally, the SLG chooses the site for the pilot. The site should be neither too easy nor too challenging, but should represent a real-world test of the system. Ideally, there will be strong local leadership and adequate infrastructure and other resources in the chosen location. The pilot shouldn’t take too long or the stakeholders may lose interest and momentum. The ideal length of time for a pilot is about six weeks.

Tool filename (offline version): Tool3-A.pptx; download tool (Internet connection required)