Example: Pilot Report


Run pilot reports and present them to the SLG.

The example reports from Tanzania will give you an idea of the kinds of reports and their formats that would be useful to share with stakeholders when reporting on the pilot.

Pilot Reports: Concepts

You should produce pilot reports showing real data from iHRIS as early as possible in the pilot for sharing with the SLG. Distribute actual reports so stakeholders can see for themselves the value of the HRIS. If no data are available in iHRIS for these early reports, we recommend using “dummy data,” or sample data, so that users can familiarize themselves with reporting formats and learn how to analyze the data.  They can also identify gaps in the reports and highlight any information that is unclear.

Presentation of data in reports is important.  Users should be able to easily read and interpret the information.  Reports should be labeled with titles, dates, and keys for data elements.  If graphs and tables are created to represent data, they should be titled and have the correct information in the x-axis and y-axis.

When presenting reports, take advantage of the opportunity to educate stakeholders in how to analyze the reports and critically review HRH data. Clearly link the evidence from iHRIS to inform recommendations to address policy and management decisions. This will help with “selling” iHRIS to other regions or facilities during the scale-up process.

Tool filename (offline version): Tool3-G.pdf; download tool (Internet connection required)