Worksheet: Customization of Fields


Customize fields, forms, and modules in iHRIS according to the agreed-upon data standards.

It is unlikely that iHRIS as installed will collect all the data you need using the standards that the stakeholders have agreed upon. That is why iHRIS has been designed to easily be customized. The software developers will probably need to modify the fields and forms in your installation of iHRIS to support the data standards you need to use.

Use the worksheet to list all of the fields that will need to be modified or added. The worksheet was developed for use with iHRIS Manage, but it can be adapted to any iHRIS installation.

In most cases, you will only need to modify the attributes of existing fields to conform to data or functional requirements. You may also need to add some new fields to the module or even program a new module. The iHRIS Developers’ Guide provides a technical overview of iHRIS and instructions on how to customize fields and modules.

Tool filename (offline version): Tool2-E.xlsx; download tool (Internet connection required)