Presentation: iHRIS System Administration Training


Develop and implement a program for training ICT staff on administering iHRIS.

Use this presentation as a template for developing a training program for teaching ICT staff how to administer and manage iHRIS. We have also developed an online e-learning course in iHRIS administration, which is available at the HRH Global Resource Center. The course can be taken independently, or it can be used as the basis for a group training program. 

System Administration Training: Concepts

ICT personnel need to be trained to understand how iHRIS works and how to use the system. This knowledge should go beyond system administration tasks, such as installing the software, making backups, and managing user accounts. ICT support will be the first responders when users have questions, so they will also have to understand how to enter data, manage the database, and create reports.

You may find that trainees lack required ICT skills for supporting iHRIS. The staff may need additional training in administering servers, managing databases, and basic programming. Consider implementing any of the following to improve ICT skills:

  • remote training, including ‘just-in-time’ training to introduce necessary skills as they are needed
  • open source e-courses, often available free online at sites such as Open Of Course and the Linux Foundation
  • partnering with computer science departments at local universities to offer courses in basic skills
  • mentoring programs conducted in partnership with local universities to train computer students to become iHRIS administrators
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