Example: Standard Operating Procedures for the Ministry of Health


Document standard operating procedures that have been decided on by the SLG.

The example Standard Operating Procedures document HR workflow at the Uganda Ministry of Health, HRIS management at the Ministry, and technical functions of HRIS at Ministry. Adapt this model to meet your own needs.

Standard Operating Procedures: Concepts

Members of the SLG come from many different organizations, with different interests and objectives. In order to operate most effectively, the members of the SLG must coordinate their efforts. Agreed-upon procedures for governing iHRIS and for the management and use of HRH information can strengthen collaboration, improve accountability, and reduce duplication of effort.

Establishing standard operating procedures (SOP) will help address the following issues that may arise:

  • defining roles and responsibilities among large numbers of diverse stakeholders;
  • establishing leadership and stewardship over data management processes;
  • consolidating policies and priorities from different stakeholders;
  • increasing consultation among stakeholders to find solutions to specific problems;
  • improving technical capacity of stakeholders to use HRH data for decision making.

Don’t try to make all these decisions in one meeting, but discuss them over time, encouraging contributions from all stakeholders. Prioritize all responsibilities of SLG members to make certain there are enough members with sufficient time to perform them. You may have to scale back the scope of the group’s activities to align with available time commitments.

Once agreement is reached among all stakeholders, the procedures should be documented and incorporated, as applicable, into the responsibilities of the employees working with iHRIS. The procedures should also be made available to all members of the SLG. SLG members should strive to keep standard operating procedures simple, practical, and transparent. This will help ensure compliance and sustainability.

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