Documentation: iHRIS Operations Guide


Download, install, set up, and customize the iHRIS software.

Download and install the iHRIS software from the iHRIS website. There are four download options: iHRIS Full Suite includes the three iHRIS applications and core software, or you may download the applications iHRIS Manage, iHRIS Qualify, and iHRIS Train separately (for more information, refer to Before You Begin).

Before proceeding with the installation, read through all of the documentation. Available on our website is a set of tutorials for iHRIS implementers and a guide for software developers customizing iHRIS. It is important to read through and understand all of the documentation before attempting to customize fields, forms, or reports or import data into iHRIS.

If you haven’t already done so, join the iHRIS Global Support Community. The iHRIS Global Support Community is available to answer questions and provide support with installing and setting up iHRIS. This is a forum of iHRIS implementers and developers from all over the world, including the core development team. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need help.

It’s a good idea to keep your own documentation of iHRIS operations pertinent to your implementation as you proceed with the customizations. This will serve as a reference as you install iHRIS at the pilot site and roll it out to other areas. We have provided an example of an iHRIS Operations Guide developed for the iHRIS Manage implementation in Malawi as an example.

Tool filename (offline version): Tool2-C.docx; download tool (Internet connection required)