Worksheet: Training Resources Assessment


Assess resources available to support trainings and document any gaps.

Using the worksheet, review all training materials you have to determine what can be used as-is or adapted for iHRIS trainings. Also use the worksheet to begin identifying potential training sites and infrastructure needs.

Planning iHRIS Trainings

Training and support should be divided into four scopes of practice: System Administration, Data Entry, Data Use, and Trainers. Each training scope should be planned separately and tailored to suit the intended audience.

The first step is to determine who should be trained. For the System Administration scope, consider health ICT personnel as well as consultants or local organizations that will help install and customize iHRIS. Training a dedicated group of data entry clerks, especially when there is a large backlog of data  to be entered, will dramatically improve data quality. For Data Use, identify all iHRIS data managers, including records officers, bio-statisticians, and HR officers.

Building training capacity is vital to the success of the iHRIS implementation due to the high prevalence of employee turnover.  Therefore, training several trainers from each district or region, who can later teach new employees how to use iHRIS, should be included in the planning.

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