Presentation: Using HRH Information to Answer Key Policy and Management Questions


With stakeholders, begin defining the HRH policy and management questions that need to be answered by the HRIS.

Information lacks value unless it is used to answer questions and inform decision making. Defining key questions helps refine the system requirements, data collection needs, and reporting formats for iHRIS. Think of questions that are often asked but can’t be answered because the information is not available. Once health workforce data are input into iHRIS, they can be analyzed to provide answers to most HR policy and management questions.

Use this presentation as a framework for conducting the policy and management questions exercise with stakeholders. We have also included some sample policy and management questions, developed for the iHRIS implementation in Uganda. While these questions can help you get started, be sure to work with stakeholders to come up with questions appropriate for your context.

Tool filenames (offline version): Tool0-Ga.pptx; download tool (requires Internet connection); Tool0-Gb.docx; download tool (requires Internet connection)