Presentation: Building Stakeholder Leadership


Identify the primary champions, or stakeholders, of iHRIS.

This presentation serves as a general guide to help leaders understand the considerations that go into planning the iHRIS implementation. Use this presentation for presenting leadership concepts and important questions for early adopters and other key stakeholders to consider. Many of these questions should be answered by the assessments performed during this stage.

Stakeholder Leadership Concepts

Stakeholder leadership is essential for supporting the successful implementation of an HRIS. Effective stakeholders have strong leadership qualities and proven management skills, as well as the time available to coordinate partnerships, guide collaboration, and build trust throughout the process. Without such leaders championing iHRIS, a successful implementation will be extremely difficult.

Where should you look for such leaders? Ideally, a champion will have already emerged as someone who has identified the need for an HRIS and is advocating for implementing iHRIS. For example, a high-level supporter or leader of HRH will very likely be from the Ministry of Health (MoH); have the vision to align the MoH’s HR strategy to national strategic goals; and can bring stakeholders together to formulate national strategies for HRH.

It is important to include as many of the stakeholders as possible in the process. Other potential leaders may include high-level officials from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, national payroll department, professional regulatory councils, and large health facilities like national referral hospitals, faith-based organizations (FBOs), or private hospitals. Other stakeholders may include local and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) interested in developing HRH. A well-regarded leader in a regional organization such as the East, Central, and Southern Africa Health Community (ECSA-HC) or the West African Health Organization (WAHO) may be able to recruit high-level stakeholders to support efforts within a country.

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