iHRIS Promotes Local Ownership and Innovation

Health workforce information systems using iHRIS software have been implemented in 15 countries tracking over 675,000 health workers worldwide.

iHRIS Country Map (large)

iHRIS is open source software. We distribute the source code without charge or restriction. Countries that install iHRIS own their health workforce information systems and are free to modify or extend the system to meet their requirements.

New applications for iHRIS are increasingly being coded in country to address their specific needs. For example, developers in Uganda and Kenya have developed an iHRIS application to track health worker training and report on how many health professionals are expected to enter the workforce. We integrate the most useful of these modules, such as this training tracking application, back into the core software for distribution to all users of iHRIS.

Learn more about the countries where iHRIS is being used or implemented.

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