With iHRIS, Better Data and Better Health Systems

With iHRIS software, countries can use reliable, accurate data to guide health workforce development and better manage their health workers.

No Health Without a Workforce

The report “A Universal Truth: No Health without a Workforce,” commissioned by the Global Health Workforce Alliance Secretariat and the World Health Organization, highlights the need for better data on health workers and better management of existing health workers. A key step to achieving both these goals is to help countries switch from outdated paper HR records to affordable, sustainable, electronic records.

iHRIS health workforce information systems help countries understand critical characteristics of their health workforce, including:

  • how many health workers they have;
  • qualifications, skills, and attributes of their health workers;
  • where their health workers are posted; and
  • how many new workers are likely to join them.


iHRIS is used by ministries of health, ministries of civil service, professional councils and associations, health professional schools, and private employers in 15 countries around the world. As a result, these countries have experienced benefits like faster hiring, more accurate records, easier identification and elimination of ghost workers, and improved access to data for planning and management. For example, health workforce data from iHRIS was used in Uganda to advocate for the hiring of an additional 8,000 new health workers and in Zanzibar to increase the health workforce by 30%.

Try demos of iHRIS software or download iHRIS now. Our software is free to download and fully customizable. If you have questions, please contact us.

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