Register as an iHRIS Developer

We encourage all interested developers to get involved with iHRIS development, whether you want to customize an iHRIS application for local use, contribute to the advancement of the core software, or use the source code for another application.

Send us an email to get started. On our Contact Us form, select the option to register as a developer, and let us know where you are and how you are using the software. We will add you to the iHRIS Global Community mailing list, so that you will be among the first to learn about new code bounties.

Once you are registered as an iHRIS developer, we can help connect you with other iHRIS developers in your country or region for support and meet-ups. If you provide your mailing address, we will send you a bootable USB device with the iHRIS software pre-installed.

To understand our priority development needs, including core system improvements and new features or modules, please review our Ideas List. The iHRIS software and source code is hosted on Launchpad, where you can ask questions, report bugs, and access blueprints. (You will need to register for a free Launchpad account.) The Developers’ Guide provides a technical overview and other documentation for iHRIS developers.