Country Implementations

Since 2005, iHRIS has been developed in collaboration with national stakeholders and funding by USAID. Since then, a robust community of developers and implementers has grown up around the open-source software.

Countries and organizations that implement iHRIS systems see many benefits, including:

  • Free customization, support, and ongoing updates of the software
  • Optional modules and systems to expand iHRIS functionality
  • A global community of developers constantly working to improve and expand the software

As the number of organizations and countries using iHRIS increases, the benefits continue to grow for everyone.

Currently, iHRIS is utilized in 24 countries. A country is considered as “using iHRIS” once there are countable records in the system.

iHRIS has been translated by volunteers into more than 14 languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Swahili.