iHRIS Manage Implementation Progress in Rwanda

Forward momentum of iHRIS Manage implementation has continued in Rwanda. Rwanda’s in-country HRIS Specialist, Solange Tuyisenge, was excited to report that all districts now have online access to iHRIS Manage. She noted that this development has not come without challenges, as the ICT infrastructure is not sufficient in many district hospitals. Some of these hospitals have irregular internet connectivity, which is problematic for routine system updates. However, the Ministry of Health is aware of these connectivity difficulties and is now taking steps to resolve the issue.

iHRIS Manage users at the district level are enthusiastic about the new system.  District users have reported using iHRIS Manage to do the following:

  • identify the exact number of staff in the district
  • run monthly salary reports
  • analyze staffing gaps
  • identify applicants that have illegally left positions at other health facilities
  • determine which staff have receive particular trainings (and ensure equity of opportunities to receive short course trainings for all staff)

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2 Responses to iHRIS Manage Implementation Progress in Rwanda

  1. Gillian Nkhalamba says:

    this is encouraging to learn that you are making great progress on I-HRIS. where did you get your training on IHRIS. as a country we are also developing the system but our main challenge is an expert in the system
    please give some insights. From Malawi

    • Michael Drane says:

      Gillian, becoming an expert in iHRIS is something anyone can become and the iHRIS Community is here to help anyone learn. The iHRIS Community is committed to providing the tools, resources and time necessary to train you and your team become experts in iHRIS. I strongly suggest that you and the rest of the iHRIS team in Malawi join the iHRIS Global Community mailing list. Here you can ask any question related to iHRIS and relieve thorough and quick responses from members who have been working on iHRIS for years. You can also search previous discussions on iHRIS to deepen your knowledge of the software. You can join the mailing list here https://groups.google.com/d/forum/ihris

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